What is Parkinson’s Disease?


Parkinson’s disease is a long term degenerative central nervous system disorder that affects the motor system of a person. In simple words, Parkinson's disease is the disease that affects the part of the brain that controls the movement of the body. The disease comes slowly and remains unnoticed at its initial stages.Ayurvedic treatment is one of the best treatments for Parkinson’s disease. Sriram Herbals is one of the leading Herbal Medicine manufacturers for Parkinson Disease in Bangalore.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

As mentioned previously that the symptoms of this disease remain unnoticed at the initial stages. But as time passes, its symptoms can be seen. The signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be different for different persons. As time passes, the person can notice the symptoms on one side of the body. In the worst cases, the disease can affect both the sides of the body.

Following are the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease:

  • Tremor: Tremor is one of the symptoms of this disease. It is the condition in which involuntary shaking or movement can be seen in hands, legs, face, head or vocal cords.

  • Bradykinesia: It is another symptom of Parkinson’s disease. Bradykinesia is a medical condition which slows the movement of the body movements. As time passes, the disease becomes worse and slows down the movement of the body, hence, makes the easy tasks difficult for the person. Some of the examples include slowing down of the steps, difficulty in leaving the chair, etc.

  • Stiffness in Muscles: The stiffness in muscles may occur in any part of the body. These stiff muscles are painful for the person and also limit the range of motion of the person.

  • Impaired posture and balance: The person suffering from Parkinson’s disease has bad posture and also faces problems in balancing the body.

  • The person suffering from Parkinson’s disease may face difficulty in writing.

Our medicines help to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. We are the leading Parkinson’s disease medicine manufacturers in Bangalore.

Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease in Ayurveda


Though there are many treatments of Parkinson’s disease, ayurvedic treatment has least or no side-effects. Sriram Herbals is one of the leading Parkinson's disease Medicine Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporter India. According to the Ayurveda, a person is considered healthy if there is a balance in the three fundamental bodily doshas, namely, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. What do these three Doshas mean? Let’s see:

  • Vata: Vata is the driving force which is responsible for the correct functioning of the nervous system.

  • Pitta: Pitta is the fire which is responsible for good digestion, metabolism, production of enzymes, bile, and acid.

  • Kapha: Kaphs is the type of body fluid which relates to the regulation of nutrients, fats, lymphatic system, etc.

If you are looking for the best Ayurvedic medicine for Parkinson’s disease in Bangalore, you can contact us. NEUSON is the herbal medicine for Parkinson’s disease which is manufactured by us. It is effective against the disease. This ayurvedic medicine for Parkinson’s disease helps in balancing the Vata Dosha by naturally enhancing the memory and revitalizing the brain function. By preventing the death of biomolecules, the medicine prevents the motor symptoms.

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