Herbal Products That Strengthen Your Immune System

  • 21 May, 2020
  • By Sriram Herbals

Coronavirus disease is a fatal viral infection. It spreads from an infected person to a healthy person in many ways. Moreover, there is no cure for this disease until now. Hence, the only cure is its prevention, which can be done by taking the necessary precautions and boosting the immune response. There are many herbs which help in boosting the immune system of our body. In this article, we will learn about the herbs which are helpful to boost the immune system.

Sriram Herbals is one of the leading herbal medicine manufacturers.


The Tulsi plant is a gift of nature to the human race. It has many health benefits. It also helps in increasing the immune response of the body. Besides this, tulsi has analgesics properties which help in reducing the pain. The crushed leaves of tulsi are very effective in curing cough, fever, and other lung diseases.Our company makes many products from the tulsi extract. You can buy these products to better your immune system.


Giloy is a magical herb which is responsible for increased immune response in our body. It has been used in making ayurvedic medicines for a long time. It has several health benefits. It helps fight disease-causing organisms, purifies the blood, and removes toxins from the body. Its antioxidant properties improve our health and boost our immunity. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory benefits which help fight against respiratory diseases.

We make many ayurvedic products from giloy. Our products help you increase your immune response.


Turmeric has been used for many years in medical applications. It has a lot of benefits for us. It is one of the most important herbs that help in boosting the immune system of the body. Hence, it is a life-saving herb. It contains about 3.5% curcumin. Curcumin is a chemical compound which has healing properties. Let’s check out the benefits of turmeric:

Cough and cold: Turmeric helps fight against cough and cold by boosting our immunity. It helps in cleaning the respiratory tract naturally, hence, helps in fighting against the infection.

Respiratory problems: Turmeric contains curcumin which helps fight the respiratory tract problems and builds immunity.

Reduces inflammation: By suppressing immunosuppressive molecules, it reduces the symptoms of inflammation and provides relief to the patient.


Garlic is a herb which helps fight against germs and boosts our immune system. Raw garlic contains a compound known as alliin, which on chewing or crushing transforms into allicin. Allicin is the principal active component of the garlic. Due to the unstable nature of allicin, it quickly converts into the sulphur compounds. These compounds are proven that they have disease-fighting properties.


Ginger has numerous medicinal properties. Ginger has analgesic, antipyretic, and antibacterial properties. A component of ginger called zingerone is an antioxidant. Researches showed that ginger comes has the properties to boost the immune response of our body. A virus named Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus is responsible for causing respiratory tract diseases in children and adults. Fresh ginger is very effective against this virus. Ginger is also effective in decreasing inflammatory levels.

Sriram Herbals is known for the manufacturing of the best medicine for viral infection. You can buy our ayurvedic products. Our products are made up of natural extracts, hence, have no or fewer side-effects. Do note that the doctor’s prescription is necessary.

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