There Is a New Risk Factor Added to Erectile Dysfunction

  • 18 December, 2019
  • By Sriram Herbals

Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as ED has more than just one risk factor. Doctors normally associate the syndrome with cardiovascular conditions, hypertension, metabolic problems, and such things. But recently, one other risk factor has been added to the list. It is age-related prostate enlargement.


Although prostate enlargement was nowhere on the list before, new research has suggested that it can be scientifically linked to premature ED. Benign prostatic enlargement or prostatic hyperplasia is a condition that scientists, in the light of the recent studies, believe can be linked to ED.


Although the connection between the two remains blurry at this point, and even doctors cannot ascertain if BPH is really a risk to one’s sexual health, but evidence indicates it. From the findings of the studies, it appears that men who are suffering from an early onset of BPH might be at a greater risk of getting ED.


If evidence is to be believed, then those with either of the problems at an early stage in life require to buy premature ejaculation medicine online in Bangalore for effective management of the symptoms.


In men, the prostate remains to be an important gland. Located right below the bladder, this gland is responsible for the production of the fluid in semen. Now the prostate mostly remains unnoticed. It is small and inconspicuous, quietly doing its job through its lifecycle unless it somehow gets infected. Then it is no longer small, nor unnoticeable. It enlarges and gives a litany of problems, cancer included.


Although the growth of the prostate is normal to its functions, it is when it grows past the normal size that problems start to erupt. After the age of 30, the prostate starts to grow, but complications arose when doctors discovered a connection between the growth of prostate and cancer. Following that finding, doctors now recommend every male over the age of 45 to get their prostate examined annually. Although prostate growth in midlife is mostly noncancerous BPH, the symptoms of ED are a quite common cause of it.


However, there are some symptoms that you want to look out for if you are in the said age bracket or even below it. Symptoms of BPH vary from person to person, but in most cases, it causes certain kinds of urinary difficulties.


If you are experiencing a growth of prostate, you will feel the sudden urge to urinate immediately, difficulty starting to urinate, a slow or weak flow, nocturia, and dribbling. These are symptoms that indicate, along with ED, that you need to buy erectile dysfunction medicine online in Bangalore until you get an appointment with a doctor.


Both BPH and ED get worse with age. In most cases, they start around the age of 45 and the two have some shared psychological mechanisms. The reason why it is believed that ED medicines help manage BPH symptoms is because the two are interlinked. So, if you are struggling with ED, you want to buy premature ejaculation medicine online in Bangalore to treat the symptom and improve the underlying condition.

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