What Are The Symptoms And Stages Of a Brain Tumor?

  • 31 August, 2020
  • By Sriram Herbals

Most of the cancers are defined by stages but brain cancer has been assigned Grades instead of stages. As an eminent supplier and exporter of herbal medicine for brain tumor, let us share some vital information regarding the most commonly used brain cancer grading system defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO).  

Grade I: This is the first stage of brain tumour. In this stage brain tumours grow with a very slow speed and are almost non-cancerous in nature. In this grade, even the affected cells look almost similar to the healthy cells. 

Grade II: This is the initial stage where brain tumours are considered cancerous. Although at this stage they grow at a slow speed but cells start to look slightly abnormal if observed carefully under the microscope. Gradually, tumours may reach and spread to nearby tissues. 

Grade III: At this stage, experts announce tumours to be cancerous and their growth becomes speedier than grade I and grade II growth rate. Also, the cancerous cells start to exhibit significant abnormalities that can be easily observed under the microscope. These cells reproduce abnormal cells at a high rate and abnormalities start to spread to the other parts of the brain. 

Grade IV: At this stage brain tumours grow at a faster rate and it spreads considerably in the other parts of the brain. Sometimes, they even create their own blood vessel to enhance their growth. Also, they sometimes have necrosis or small clusters of dead cells contained within their core.  

Meanwhile, the severity of the patient suffering from brain cancers is measured as the functional neurological status. It ranges from zero (dead) to 100 (normal) Since it indicates the ability to participate and execute the normal activities, thus higher the status/score towards the 100 means better health.  

Relief from Brain Cancer through Ayurvedic Medicines

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